Don Gorske of Fond du Lac Wisconsin has been eating two Big Macs a day for the past 46 years and now has a world record for his efforts. Gorske has been eating two Big Macs every day all these years with just a few times he missed a day. He has said that they are like chocolate to him, he is addicted and still loves the sandwich to this day.

Cooper and I were talking about this, and I was saying how I could not eat just one thing every day for an extended period of time let alone 46 years. I was asked if I had to choose what would it be and I said pizza, even though the thought of just eating that every day even for a week sounds nauseating.

Gorske has gained national attention for his love of Big Macs and thankfully had someone help him keep track so that his world record is legit. I am guessing that he is not stopping anytime soon with eating his Big Macs, so pretty sure his record will be safe and then some for many years to come. For more on Gorske's story Click Here

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