One man got into the Halloween spirit and floated on a pumpkin 26 miles down the Red River in Minnesota and is now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Sometimes these world records are ridiculous, but I'm not even mad about this one. I love that someone was like "I'm going to be that guy to ride a pumpkin for the longest distance". According to DNT, the previous record was originally 8, but then last week someone broke it at 15 miles.

Rick Swenson began sailing early Saturday morning from Grand Forks and traveled almost 26 miles down the Red River to finish in Oslo, MN. 13 hours, 40 minutes and 25.53 miles later, Swenson is now the proud owner of a world record.

What crazy new record will be broken next? I have my eyes set on having the largest collection of 'Do Not Disturb' hotel signs.

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