Musician Lizzo has seen a huge rise in popularity in 2019, driven largely by songs like "Juice" and "Tempo" off of her album "Cuz I Love You". If you didn't know, Lizzo has ties to Minnesota, having lived in Minneapolis for a time. Those Minnesota ties have created a bit of a buzz at a Wisconsin radio station.

In a song released back in 2017 called "Truth Hurts" (hear it above), Lizzo name-drops the Minnesota Vikings a handful of times. The song has seen a resurgence in popularity this year after being featured in the Netflix movie "Someone Great", which has led to the song making its way onto radio stations around the country. While most stations are playing the song without a problem, one Wisconsin radio station has gone out of their way to censor those name drops like they are swear words.

The lyrics in question are "Fresh photos with the bomb lighting, New man on the Minnesota Vikings."

A pop music station in Green Bay has "made the Minnesota Vikings disappear — for about 3 minutes anyway", as the Green Bay Press Gazette reports. The station, which is not the flagship for the Packers Radio Network, does air game day broadcasts of Packers games as well as weekly team interviews.

The station's music director told the Green Bay Press Gazette that the station actually reached out to Lizzo's record label to ask them if the station could air the edited version, likening the words "Minnesota Vikings" to curse words in their explanation to the label. Apparently a rep from the label laughed at the request, but ultimately allowed them to air the edited version. Part of the exchange between the station and the rep reportedly included "Because this is Green Bay, man." as part of their answer when asked why they couldn't play the song as it was.

The station reportedly considered replacing the words "Minnesota Vikings" with the "Go Pack Go" chant, but ultimately decided on going the edit route, which leaves just a little bit of the M in Minnesota and S in Vikings audible.

Station staff also told the Green Bay paper that they believe a Minnesota station, specifically referencing Minneapolis top 40 station KDWB, would do the same thing if a song referenced the Green Bay Packers. I'd like to think no Minnesota station would do that, but who knows. There are some petty people on both sides of the border.

I know MIX 108 is in blended territory. We straddle the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and there are fans of both teams in our listening area. While I am personally a Vikings fan, I can respect what the Packers have done through the history of the franchise. I might rib Packer fans, but it's all in jest. What amazes me as a Vikings fan is that for a team that has multiple Super Bowl victories and has such a rich NFL history, how can a radio station in Packers country be so sensitive to the words "Minnesota Vikings" being played in Packers territory? Do you have some insecurities you'd like to talk about? I mean, your team has kind of underperformed the last couple years, so I can understand that you might feel a little threatened. Truth hurts.

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