Last Thursday Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an order which requires bars and restaurants across the state to limit capacity to 25% until Nov. 6. On Tuesday October 13 the Tavern League of Wisconsin filed a lawsuit in Sawyer County to strike down the order.

Chris Marsicano, president of the Tavern League of Wisconsin said in a prepared statement:

Wisconsin restaurants and bars are facing "economic ruin" as the pandemic continues, and that businesses shutdowns "have not proven effective" as the virus has spread in the state. The Tavern League of Wisconsin is committed to fighting the spread of COVID-19, but will not stand by and watch its members be forced out of business by unlawful orders. We need the help and support of our communities and elected officials to keep defeat COVID-19 while keeping our 'OPEN' signs lit.

Many health officials have warned since the pandemic started that due to the fact that this is an airborne virus that social distancing is part of what can help it from spreading. I am empathetic towards these tavern and restaurant owners as I personally know of good friends of mine who own restaurants and bars in the Northland, and are doing the best they can to stay open and serve the customers safely.

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This is definitely a slippery slope and now with the colder weather upon us outdoor dining is no longer an option. I also have many friends who are in the service industry who have been laid off or furloughed with their future employment unknown. I am no expert on COVID-19  and realize that the individual governors from each state in the U.S. have been individually tasked with trying to deal with an unprecedented pandemic. Some have been more aggressive than others and results have varied from state to state. For now we will just have to wait and see if this order becomes overturned, and as always it is up to each person individually to do their part in trying to stay safe. Read more about this ruling.

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