The town of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin is taking the matter of bullying into it's own hands. The city is currently considering an ordinance that would impose fines on the parents of kids that have been found to be bullying another kid or kids. This came about after a viral social media post showed handwritten notes that students sent to a middle school girl urging her to kill herself.

According to Wisconsin Rapids Tribune "The Legislative Committee in Wisconsin Rapids voted unanimously to move an anti-bullying ordinance to be considered on June 18 by the Common Council."

City Attorney Susan Schill said " The draft ordinance prohibits bullying, harassment, and retaliation against anyone who reports such incidents. The measure would also hold parents and guardians responsible for such behavior of children younger than 18 years old. Penalties for a first offense would be $50, with additional costs totaling $313", but Parents would get warnings first. For more information on this proposal click here.

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet and most are doing the best they can to raise a good respectful kid, but sometimes things happen and the parents have no clue how or why? Yes Mom and dad should have some accountability, maybe this is a needed wake up call to pay attention to your child. I just know being thrown into the "stepmom" role for many years, just when you think you are doing everything right here comes a big curve ball. The kids are grown now and have all become awesome young adults, I am sure they were bullied at some point and did not want to tell us, or maybe they were the bully at times. You just have to go with your gut and hope that you can keep the lines of communication open at all times.

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