Wisconsin's own Charlie Berens has now officially made it. He showed off his new bobblehead in his likeness on social media. The bobblehead features a hat saying "Ope," on top of Charlie in his signature duck hunting jacket, standing on a platform of Wisconsin with Keep 'Er Moving written on it.

Shortly after posting the photo Charlie commented on his own post saying "cheese n rice, forgot this" and linked to where you can purchase a bobblehead yourself. According to the website the bobbleheads cost $25 and are originally numbered to a limited 2,021 bobbleheads.

Charlie Berens has hosted an online video for the last several years called the 'Manitowoc Minute.' It focuses on some Wisconsin local stories and it's pretty funny. Back before COVID-19, Charlie was on the road with a tour and even stopped in at the University of Superior-Wisconsin on a rescheduled date. His first show was scheduled for when the Husky Refinery Fire occurred and needed to be rescheduled after much of the town was evacuated.

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In recent months he's been doing less of the Manitowoc minute and more collaboration videos with other social media comedians like YouBetcha and Dude Dad. Most of his signature humor comes from poking fun at his home state of Wisconsin and other Midwesterner things we do. There have been some pretty funny creations from the group. One of my favorites is Husbands of Target.

Check out Charlie Berens Facebook for more merch and laughs.

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