Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College announced that it is in the process of rebranding the school and that includes a name change.

According to WITC, the decision to rebrand came after some market research showed that "'Indianhead' is not recognized correctly as a geographic region, especially among younger stakeholders and those outside the district. The current name, "Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College," and its short initials, "WITC," caused confusion on what type of college WITC is and whether it's even a college."

The college says that its goal is to create a "modern name and mascot" that will help with name recognition and appeal. And you can help with that by suggesting a new name and mascot here.

There are several guidelines they'll need any suggestion to follow including, the inclusion of the term 'Technical College' in the name, the name is easy to understand and pronounce, not geographically bound, and a few others. Ideas must be submitted by November 6th.

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After a new name is chosen, the process will move into logo creation and mascot design, and then into the implementation phase with plans to have the new name, logo and mascot effective by the fall of 2021.

WITC opened was founded in 1921 as the Industrial, Commercial, Continuing Evening School, in 1972 the name was changed to The Wisconsin Indianhead Vocational, Technical and Adult Education District, in 1978 the name was flipped to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Institute, and finally in 1987 it became Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.

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