The time has come to dispose of your Christmas tree, get those lights and decorations off of it before it becomes a fire hazard, and WLSSD makes it so convenient with a dozen drop off sites to choose from.

Every year you hear of a tragic story of a brittle Christmas tree that starts on fire. As soon as your tree starts dropping needles it is too dry to keep, so get it wrapped up and out of your house ASAP.

All of these sites below will be collecting trees until January 10th 2017:

  • Chester Bowl - Skyline Parkway & 18th Ave E (parking lot)
  • Duluth Heights Community Club - 33 W Mulberry St (parking lot)
  • Duluth West Toolhouse - 2407 Commonwealth Ave
  • Lester Park - Superior St & Lester River Rd (parking lot)
  • Rose Garden - London Rd & 13th Ave E (parking lot)
  • Woodland Community Club - 3211 Allendale Ave (lower parking lot off Woodland Ave)

These sites will only be collecting trees until December 31st:

  • Demolicious - 306 S Central Ave (Weekdays 8am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 2pm)
  • VEIT/VONCO V Landfill - 1100 W Gary St (outside the gate)
  • WLSSD Materials Recovery Center - 4587 Ridgeview Rd (Tuesday through Saturday 9am – 4pm)
  • WLSSD Yard Waste Compost Site - 2626 Courtland St (Daily 7am – 5pm)

In Carlton County these sites are accepting trees through January 15th 2017:

  • SAPPI Fine Paper - East End Ave B, Cloquet (Gatehouse entrance)
  •  Moose Lake Compost Site - Moose Lake (across from City garage)

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