We all have done it, you go through the Drive Thru at a place like Taco Bell grab a couple packets of your favorite sauce and you are on your way. You may use them all or you might store some away in your kitchen "junk drawer"  and you might use them in the future or just end up tossing them in the garbage.

Taco Bell realizes that these packets can add up to a lot of plastic ending up in land fills and so they are trying to remedy that by having them be recycled. They have teamed up with a company called  TerraCycle that is based out of New Jersey that has worked with other companies like Procter and Gamble to create reusable packaging. Taco Bell is the first fast food company to work with them to recycle their sauce packets.

So how exactly does this work? Customers are asked to sign up for a TerraCycle account and put their empty sauce packets into a recyclable container. Once the container is full you can print a free shipping label from TerraCycles website and ship the box back using UPS.

Taco Bell will be sure to have signs all over their restaurants to inform customers about the program and encourage people to sign up and participate. In other moves to help decrease waste Taco Bell recently removed their Mexican Pizza from their menus because the packaging contained to much cardboard which ends up in landfills. For more information on this story click here. 

I say bravo Taco Bell for understanding that this is something that needs to be addressed and hopefully other fast food places will follow suit. For me even though I do go to taco Bell I do not use any of their sauces but if Id di I would sign up for this program for sure.  Their are currently 3 Taco Bell restaurants in the Northland one at 1031 W. Central Entrance, the other at 201 W 44th Avenue West and the last one in Cloquet at 1418 MN-33.

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