As we wrap up the month of July, another week of terrible parking jobs have been spotted around the area. Here are the top terrible Twin Ports parking fails of the week, courtesy of the folks at 'A-hole Parking in the Duluth/Superior Area'.

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    Nice Try - Black Bear Casino

    Somebody must have been late for bingo. At least they aren't taking up a second spot. Or parked in the traffic lane.

    Submitted by Scotty M. Ward
  • 4

    Um, You Missed - Near Skyline Lanes

    This person doesn't let the bump of driving over a curb deter them from parking poorly.

    Submitted by Angela Johnson Christianson‎
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    Doubled Up

    There's almost nothing worse than someone taking up two spots with one vehicle - unless one of those spots is a handicapped spot they don't have a permit for.

    Submitted by Travis Williams‎
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    No Parking? No Problem

    This person's blatant disregard for the large "No Parking" painted on the pavement is just on another level.

    Submitted by James D Zinmer‎
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    Huskies Game Fail - Wade Stadium

    This person was obviously taking part in "make your own parking spot night".

    Submitted by Cody Privette