We've teamed up with the gang over at 'A-hole Parking in the Duluth/Superior Area,' a Facebook page dedicated to the parking impaired in the Twin Ports, to give you a weekly countdown of the absolute worst park jobs.

Here is the inaugural top 5 list, enjoy!

  • 5

    Blue Big Wheel at Superior Walmart

    This person decided to make their own spot at the Superior Walmart.

    Submitted by Wendy Schelin
  • 4

    Yellow Truck at Hermantown Walmart

    Apparently this person doesn't get enough attention in their bumble bee truck, so they needed to make sure everyone saw them at the Hermantown Walmart by taking up 4 spots!

    Submitted by Ashley Dahlman
  • 3

    Truck & Trailer in Duluth

    The person driving this rig is a real jerk by blocking both available handicap spots.

    Submitted by Thot C. Plickens
  • 2

    Parking Justice at the Burning Tree Plaza

    This is why it is necessary to carry some big sidewalk chalk with you wherever you go, you never know when you'll be able to deal out some sweet justice on the parking impaired.

    Submitted by Jonnica Eller
  • 1

    Parking Ramp Squeeze Job

    Bad parking doesn't just happen in parking lots around the Twin Ports, but also in the many parking ramps in downtown Duluth. The person who submitted this photo says they love to squeeze in the "tightest of spots on these a-holes that think they need more than one spot!"

    Submitted by Danny Buchta