Last night at midnight the Xbox One was released.  Release parties were held throughout the United States.

The two main official parties were held in New York and Los Angeles.  I made it down to one our local midnight releases myself to pick up my own Xbox One.

The Xbox One is the newest generation of Microsoft's console.  Luckily, I paid earlier and managed to get spot number three in line.




Photo by Chris Tyler




As I was standing there talking with a few of the other people in line I noticed the edge of one of the guy's tattoos.  Since I love tattoos and often look at other peoples tattoos, and even ask them about them; I, of course, asked him about his.  I wasn't quite ready for how much gamer is in these tattoos.


I couldn't even identify all the references to games he had in his tattoos.  I initially noticed the halo symbol.  However, upon looking closely he tattooed his gamer tag incorporating different elements of the games within his tattoo.




Photo By Chris Tyler

About the only one I was really sure of besides the mushroom from Mario, and the Halo symbol, was the huge Cog symbol from Gears of War he had on his upper arm.


I can honestly say, this is some of the most intensive gamer tattoos I have seen in person.  I came really close to getting a Cog tattoo myself at one point.

I might have to take a second look at getting some more tattoos.