Duluth sure is getting some love these days! We've made it onto a few national lists regarding winter wonderlands and such and now, we've made the cut for another! Yahoo has named Duluth one of the most charming Christmas towns.

Earlier this month, TODAY named Duluth one of the best Christmas towns in a list of just twenty-five! They cited Duluth favorites like the North Shore Scenic Railroad and of course, Bentleyville, as reasons why we made the cut.

While I think Duluth is the very best, there are a bunch of other beautiful winter towns across the state. In fact, Stillwater and Winona were just named two of the most magical winter destinations in the country.

It's nice to see outlets spreading the love but like I said, I think Duluth is the best of the best. The latest title is extra special because once again, it was done by a national outlet, which means we get some time to shine this holiday season.

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The study was done in late October but I just saw it the other day! The list was concocted using a few different guidelines, my favorite being that you feel like you're stepping into a Hallmark movie when you visit, which is definitely the case in Duluth.

In fact, we feel so much like a Hallmark movie that a romantic comedy filmed here earlier this summer. It is called Merry Kiss Cam and while shot in the hot summer months, they used their movie magic to make it feel like it was taking place during the holiday season.

Of all the places they had to choose from, the movie producers chose Duluth because it does feel like a winter wonderland when the snow falls. That right there proves why we deserve to be on the list but there's more.

Yahoo also looked at how many Christmas markets there are, how the scenery looks when it is covered in snow and how many Christmas lights there are. We have all of those things and then some. I mean, we have one of the largest light displays in the entire country right in our own backyard!

Yahoo cited Bentleyville as the reason for our spot on the list. It is true - we are a magical winter wonderland even if it makes for some long winters. I wonder which list we will make next?

If you want to get away to another winter destination this season, places like Boston and Telluride also made the list for very different reasons. The least surprising place on the list? The North Pole.

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