Now is your chance to tour the historic Paisley Park studios in Chanhassen with a  Paisley Park Tour Package for two, plus a 1-night stay at Hilton Bloomington on France Avenue, with Jeanne and Cooper in the morning. Tune in all this week in the 7:00 am hour and listen for a designated Prince song, we will tell you what album that song id from and If you are caller #8 and correctly tell us tell us what year that  album came out you win! If caller #8 answers incorrectly we will keep moving on with other callers.

For any fan of Prince this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see where he worked created, produced and performed his amazing music. His legacy will live on forever and we as his fans are so lucky to be able to visit this beautiful place that he also called home.  For more information & to purchase tours and merchandise, visit



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