Kamryn Johnson is only 9 years old, but she is wise beyond her years. Following the death of George Floyd the protests and rioting that followed caused tons of damage to businesses leaving many families in the area without much needed resources.

Kamryn and her mother were talking about how they could help, with her Mom saying she  would donate money. But Kamryn suggested selling her bracelets. She set up a table in their front yard of their home and sold $800 worth of bracelets on the first day.

WCCO-TV "She has blisters on her fingers now. She's been working hard for four days now. She's been working harder than I have, I've just had to tweet and get on the radio."

One of their neighbors stopped by on a bike ride with his kids and said that he would match what she made so far, that is until he heard she had already made $17,000.  According to Bring Me The News, so far she has raised $20,000! Keep doing your great work Kamryn, your kindness and willingness to help others is a great lesson for all of us to embrace!

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