Hot. Funny. Talented. Zac Efron is all of those things. He proved it when he serenaded Ellen DeGeneres on the Jan. 30 episode of her afternoon talk show.

Ellen, who turned 56 on Jan. 26 but looks at least 10 years younger, was all smiles as Efron grabbed his acoustic guitar, confessing that he doesn't normally play the instrument but learned so he could sing to Ellen, since he was stumped on what to get someone who has everything.

"I don't really play guitar, and where is Taylor Swift when you need her," he said, joking that he figured it out last night. He performed the Stevie Wonder version of 'Happy Birthday,' and it was sweet and cute.

Um, swoon! Efron also gave Ellen a bday smooch. If he serenaded us, we'd be a puddle on the floor, simply because we melted.

Efron's new movie 'That Awkward Moment' hits the theaters this week (Jan. 31).

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