The City of Superior has a new bike sharing service available and the stations are open now across the city.

Zagster is a service that allows users to rent a bike from one of four locations around the city. Zagster currently offers 3 options, the pay-as-you-go method where users pay $1 for 30 minutes of use, a monthly subscription for $10 where trips under an hour (two hours on the weekend) are free and the annual subscription which gives users the same benefits of the monthly subscription for $30.

Stations are located at the Millennium Trail Head, UWS, Center City Park and at Barkers Island. To use the service you must download their app, which is available for Android and iOS. You can also rent via text, text SMS to (202) 999-3924 to learn how to ride by text message.

Users rent a bike from the app and unlock the bike at whatever station they are at, ride the bike and return it to the same or another station. You can also make mid-ride stops by being able to lock the bike up at any public bike rack.

The bikes feature adjustable seat height fits adult riders, front and rear lights, Bluetooth Electronic Ring Lock and more.

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