Here in Duluth we have the basics, McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy's, and a few more, and I frequent those places and enjoy them, but we need to take things to the next level, we need a fast food renaissance in the Twin Ports, we demand more choices in in our fast food cuisine. So throw out that salad and yougurt and enjoy my dream list of fast food restaurants that need to call Duluth home.

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    Nearest Location: Blaine, MN 146 Miles

    Chipotle is a Mexican style fast food restaurant with over 1000 locations across the country in 38 states, they specialize in large burritos made with fresh, organic ingredients. McDonald's was the biggest investor in Chipotle from 1998 until 2006 and one of the reasons Chipotle has grown to serve over 750,000 customers a day, but none in Duluth.

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    Noodles & Company

    Nearest Location: Coon Rapids, MN 152 Miles

    Noodles & Company is a fast food restaurant that specializes in made-to-order pasta bowls inspired from worldwide cuisine like Mac & Chesse, Pad Thai, Spaghetti, Buttered Noodles and more. Noodles & Company was founded in Colorado in 1995 and later that year opened their second store in Madison, WI. Noodles is also opening soon in Fargo, so let's keep our fingers crossed that Duluth is part of their long term planning.

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    White Castle

    Nearest Location: Hinckley, MN 75 Miles

    Yes it is what I crave, but when I get that crave for White Castle I need to run to the nearest frozen foods section, and for those of you that know, it's just not the same. Duluth was home to a White Castle at Bristol St. and Central Ave. at one time, but it closed several years ago.  I think it's time for the second coming of the slider in Duluth.

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    Dunkin' Donuts

    Nearest Location: Wisconsin Dells 280 Miles

    The Donut celebrates its 164th birthday this year and to commemorate this moment in history I suggest that Dunkin' Donuts opens a location in Duluth. With over 9700 locations around the world, what's one more in Duluth? What really sucks is that Dunkin' Donuts isn't even in Minneapolis, so I can't get my fix like the other 4 on this list. I've asked people that are flying back to town from other cities that have a DD at the airport to bring me back some, is there a 12 step program for Donut addiction?

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    Leeann Chin

    Nearest Location: White Bear Lake, MN 140 Miles

    The number 1 on the list is a no brainer for me, the Twin Cities based Chinese-American fast food restaurant, Leeann Chin. I know several people, including Jeanne Ryan that also share the love of Leeann Chin.  I will buy several meals when I'm in the Twin Cities so I can reheat them over next several days to prolong my enjoyment.  They have over 40 locations around the Twin Cities metro area serving up my favorites like Peking Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Cream Cheese Puffs. It's time for them to expand North to Duluth and glancing at their website they are "Coming Soon" to Fargo, ND, so maybe the Twin Ports are next?