Having lived in the Twin Ports for over a decade now and being someone who hates to cook, eating out is a big part of my family's lifestyle, and honestly until recently the selection was pretty narrow.Slowly but surely, more and more major chain restaurants have descended upon the Twin Ports, but in my humble opinion we are still missing some key ones.

Tony Hart, way back in 2011 had named 5 fast food places that we need here, and now we have 4 of the 5, so maybe this trend will continue with my Top 5 list? Check out my list below and let me know what you think in the comments section. Did I miss any?

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    I want my baby back, baby back, yeah you know the rhyme. I recently indulged in Chili's when I was in the Twin Cities and unlike similar type restaurants I think the food at Chili's is really flavorful, I love the waiter kiosks at the table and they have a good variety of food. 8 Twin Cities Locations.

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    You know you have seen the T.V. commercial of the two guys in the car exchanging jokes while enjoying some delicious Sonic treats. When I lived in Kansas that was the only good thing about where I lived and I would visit weekly. My favorites are the Tater Tots and Grape Slush. 5 twin Cities Locations


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    Dave & Buster's

    Why should kids be the only ones to have some fun with dinner and arcade style games. everyone likes a little competition and now you can play games and collect tickets while you have a cocktail. Plus the food is pretty good too! 1 location in Maple Grove, MN, with another opening next month in Edina, so they're expanding, let's hope the next move is north.

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    The Cheesecake Factory

    More than just cheesecake even though that is amazing, they have over 250 items to choose from all hand made. You know your restaurant is top notch when it gets mentioned in movies and on T.V. shows on a regular basis. 1 Location at Southdale Center in Edina MN.

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    Red Robin

    Sing along with me Reddddd Robin Yum! I cannot think of anything better than a delicious burger or giant wrap the selection is endless, plus the sides and desserts are worth the trip. 3 Twin Cities Locations, Shoreview, Plymouth and Apple Valley.