This is a slippery slope for a lot parents out there, it's kids chores and what is appropriate for different ages?

It is the age old question, at what time in a child's life do they need to help out with chores? Of course this depends on a lot of factors including the child's maturity, siblings, how the parent was raised etc.  But, fortunately now their is an actual chart to give people some guidance in what chores are appropriate at different ages. Here are a few examples courtesy of "The Montessori Chart" :

Age 2-3

-Put Toys in Toy box-stack books-Dust Baseboards....

Ages 6-7

-Fold Towels-Empty the Dishwasher-Rake leaves.....

Ages 10-11

Deep Clean the Kitchen-Do Simple mending-Sweep Garage

Ages 12 And Up

Trim Hedges-Paint Walls-Do Simple Home Repairs...

I had to add some of the more extreme ones to the older kids charts, because as I have talked about numerous times on the air, we cannot get our teenagers to keep their rooms clean let alone actually do laundry. For the complete chart list CLICK HERE