A new body modification craze called "bagel head" is sweeping Japan, and is likely to catch on elsewhere before it goes away. What is bagel head? How is bagel head made?

Bagel head is achieved by a trained individual injecting a considerable amount of saline solution into the forehead, and then pressing a finger into the swollen area to create the illusion of a bagel hole. Those who have had the bagel head experience explain it causes "a slight stinging sensation" and a feeling of steady pressure in the forehead.

It takes about two hours to create the effect, and the "bagel head" lasts up to about 24 hours before the saline is completely absorbed by the body. While it does cause some stinging, saline is not toxic to the body, and has medical uses.

Most types of body modification tend to be at least semi-permanent. Tattoos and piercings will leave some kind of marks, even if you have them removed. Bagel head, while very visible, leaves no long-term marks after the swelling goes down and the saline is absorbed. The short-term nature of this type of "body mod" may be at least a part of the reason for the growing popularity behind it.

Reports of using saline to create similar effects on other body parts have also been reported, including saline injections into the scrotum. Check out how "bagel head" is created and what it looks like in the video below.

Watch How Bagel Head is Created



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