Xbox One Out Now!
Last night at midnight the Xbox One was released.  Release parties were held throughout the United States.
The two main official parties were held in New York and Los Angeles.  I made it down to one our local midnight releases myself to pick up my own Xbox One.
Bad Celebrity Tattoos
In the world of tattoos (as with anything else) there are good ones, bad ones, and those that should be lasered off before the ink even sets. Celebrity tats are no different. Just because someone is rich and famous doesn't mean their body art is any better than anyone else's.
In fact, somet…
New Barbie Doll Features Multiple Tattoos
A new Barbie doll has been released that features, what Mattel calls, "Trendy Tattoos".  The new Barbie was designed by Simone Legno, Italian creator of the Japanese influenced brand, Tokidoki.
Also described as a "Funky Fashionista", the new Barbie features ink up her left arm an…