This is a story that made all the hairs on my neck stand on end.   According to The Wichita Eagle, a Kansas newspaper, Addison Logan and his grandma were out at a few garage sales because he'd broken his arm and couldn't ride his dirt bike as usual. He picked up a Polaroid camera for $1, brought it home, and pulled out the cartridge. Inside was a photo that he showed to his grandma.  She recognized the two people in the photo immediately.  It was her then-teenaged son, Scott, with his girlfriend—about 10 years before he died in a car accident.

The Logans don't know the people who sold the camera, who have no direct link to Scott or his old girlfriend. And the family's current neighborhood didn't even exist in those days.

According to the article, Scott Logan was 28 when he died. He was a single dad selling vacuum cleaners door to door to make some extra cash before he started a new job with an insurance company.

He was driving on I-70 on business when he fell asleep at the wheel. The car left the road and flipped, ejecting him.

Seems like something like this happening is more there than just pure coincidence.  And for only a dollar, quite a great deal.