Most caffeine nuts get their buzz from coffee or pop, but you now have a new way to get your morning bump.

An Amazon vendor is selling a series of products under the name Bath Buzz, promising new ways to ingest a little caffeine. The company offers a bunch of products including bath soap, lotion, and body cream - all of which contain caffeine that will absorb through your skin into your body.

The products range between $4 and $15, and all claim to give you a pick-me-up comparable to a cup of coffee. The soap, for example, claims to give you a 200mg dose of caffeine each shower, offering a total of about "12 showers" per bar of soap. The soap offers a minty fresh scent, while the other products offer a variety of scents comparable to other similar beauty products.

Would you buy caffeinated soap or lotion to replace (or supplement) your other methods of getting a caffeine buzz? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!