Christina Aguilera says she loves her new, "fluffier" body, but she may love it even more now that it's landed her a $3 million job offer from a dating website featuring women who are large and in charge.

The website, TheBigandTheBeautiful, is a place where big is beautiful, but you have to be big and beautiful. (We're sensing some discrimination here.)

Run by former 'America's Next Top Model' winner Whitney Thompson -- the show's first and only plus-sized champion -- the site caters to larger men and women looking for love and is the “premiere forum” for “chubby chasers.”

Hey, everyone needs a place to call home.

Anyway, Whitney sent a letter to Christina trying to lock her down as the official spokesperson for the site. The deal would require a television commercial, a radio ad, two photo shoots, four public appearances and possibly a (likely oversung) jingle.

No word yet on whether or not Aguilera will take the offer and the cash that goes with it, but if she does, there's one thing we know she won't be spending it on: panties.