We all have heard about the creepy clown phenomenon and have been lucky to not have had any reports in the Twin Ports, until now.

According to DNT Superior Police responded to the Krist gas station at 2821 E. Second St. in Superior after the clerk reported seeing someone in a clown outfit across the street on East Second Street. A customer in the store reported seeing this same clown.

A short time later a person reported to the police that they had seen someone in a clown outfit running through the East End Super One Parking lot with some juvenile males running after him. A Superior Police Officer ran into two of the males that were chasing the clown and they stated they wanted to see who it was. The clown was not found.

Jut a word to the wise to anyone who is thinking this may be a fun idea your safety could easily be at risk due to the heightened level of fear and hype surrounding these sightings, so you may want to think twice about that. Also, many bars in the area will probably make you leave If you come there on Halloween dressed like a clown.