Emblem3 was the opening band on the Selena Gomez 'Stars Dance World Tour' which made a stop at the Target Center in Minneapolis last night. Who would’ve thought that the three guys who we watched win over Simon Cowell on X-Factor would be doing so well.

Their sound is pretty unique to say the least. It’s pop sprinkled with a hint of rock and reggae. And though they are just starting out in the lime light, they have been together for years.

Emblem3 has three members in the band, two are brothers, Wesley & Keaton Stromberg and their long time friend Drew Chadwick. Wesley mentioned that he was battling the flu but you could hardly tell as he sang and smiled at the thousands of adoring tweens and younger girls.

They put on an energetic set and at times during their performance the guys looked out at the crowd pointing and smiling. Their stage had a box in the middle where they entered and exited the stage. There were small risers on each side of the box where a backing band played above and behind Wesley, Keaton and Drew. There was a giant backdrop that said Emblem3 as well. You can't help but expect a big future ahead for Emblem3!