For fans of Marshall Mathers or Marvel Comics, this is old news — but still kind of awesome. Eminem was featured in a comic book with the series’ most violent character, The Punisher.

Eminem’s lyrics appear within the book as his dialogue, which pits him against The Punisher … and actually has him win. Is that supposed to happen?

Em is in a long line of pop stars turned comic book stars, being joined most recently by Katy Perry. The purple haired pop tart will be immortalized in an unauthorized series from Bluewater Comics, covering her early struggles and subsequent rise to fame.

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, who were also subjects of unauthorized comics, have previously sent Bluewater Comics cease-and-desist letters, as their images and names were used without their consent. However, Bluewater told MTV at the time, “We are 100% within our First Amendment rights. We knew our rights on this before we jumped into the biography world. These are 100% biographies on their lives.”

While Em’s foray into the Marvel Universe from this Eight Mile roots isn’t necessarily biographical, it’s still sort of awesome in a bizarre way.