Before snow started to fall on Thursday, Duluth sat very near a record for the most snowfall in the month of April. After some places saw between one and two feet of snow, we find ourselves digging out after the third major April snowstorm in a row. So, did we break any records and how much did we get?

Following the latest storm, Duluth has seen 120.3 inches of snow through the 2012-2013 winter season. That is the fifth-highest snowfall total on record. In the month of April alone, Duluth has seen 41.7 inches of snow; which is 10.1 inches more than the previous record of 31.6 inches set in 1950.

This most recent storm, dropping an official total of 17.7 inches of snow on Duluth, is the biggest snow storm to hit the city since December of 2009, when the official measuring station at the airport got 23 inches.

Here are the latest snowfall totals as of this morning from the National Weather Service. As we get new numbers, we will update them for you.


Two Harbors, MN (5 miles north of town) - 22 inches

Askov, MN - 21.4 inches

Lake Nichols, MN - 20 inches

Sawyer, MN - 19.3 inches

Duluth, MN (Airport) - 17.7 inches

Alborn, MN - 17 inches

Moose Lake, MN - 16 inches

Esko, MN - 15 inches

Twig, MN - 15 inches

Brimson, MN - 14.8 inches

Cloquet, MN - 13.5 inches


Superior, WI - (7 miles southeast of town) - 20 inches

Maple, WI - 18 inches

Poplar, WI - 17 inches

Washburn, WI - 16.3 inches

Iron River, WI - 16 inches

Solon Springs, WI - 16 inches

Moquah, WI - 13.5 inches