Every week I have set my sights on trying new things and this week I went out to see just how friendly Canal Park Seagulls are, and yeah it did not end well.

First off in my defense this was Coopers idea, I don't know If he secretly things I am some kind of Ninja or gull whisperer but I was pretty confident I would not even get close to them. And I was right, they are definitely very cautious of humans even if you have food....which is a good thing.

Canal Park in Duluth this time of year any day of the week is packed with people and a Seagulll paradise. Although the city of Duluth discourages people from feeding them it is awfully tempting with the popcorn wagon parked down there, to not toss some to the birds.

I actually had a fleeting thought of what If I actually get close enough to touch one I would probably freak out, deep down I am afraid of birds. It is an unnatural fear, but legit in my mind. I want to clarify again that I am not encouraging people to try and grab a seagull or chase or harass them in any manner, I am a huge advocate of kindness and respect towards all animals. So, If you want a good laugh of me fumbling around trying to catch a gull check out the video.