Apparently not everything comes on a stick at the Great Minnesota Get Together. There will be no selfies on a stick as safety concerns come to the State Fair this year.

The selfie stick has already been banned at Sixflags, Cochella, and Disney World. The concern is riders could extend the sticks outside the rides and mess with the ride's mechanisms. Brienna Schrute (a State Fair Spokeswoman) said "this year if you want to have your picture taken on a ride or at a stage, you'll have to ask somebody else to do it for you."  You know, years ago in the stone age. At least we have Minnesota nice people here.

I'm all for selfie sticks being banned, I'm not much of a selfie guy and I don't understand why selfies even exist. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the selfie sticks being banned from the Minnesota State Fair.