Here they are, the top 5  videos viewed on Youtube in 2011:

5. Nyan Cat.  I don't get it either, but with over 54 MILLION views, someone has to get it.  Right?

4. Talking Twin Babies.  Now this is cute!  Twin language.  As a single birth baby I can't relate, but I'm sure twins everywhere can.  Over 57 MILLION views!

3. Jack Sparrow featuring Michael Bolton.  Love this.  If you love Lonely Island (think "D*&% in a Box" and "I'm On a Boat") then this is a must see.  Over 60 MILLION views. Oh, and PS.  This video is NSFW!!!!!!

2. Ultimate Dog Tease.  All dog owners think they have the smartest dog, right?  Well, I think these guys win.  Sorry.  (Ok, not REALLY, but it's cute.) Over 75 MILLION views on this one!

and the NUMBER ONE Youtube video of 2011!  Yup.  Whether you love it or hate it, over 180 MILLION VIEWS (counting before and after it was taken off Youtube for copyright infringement) this is it!

Rebecca Black's "Friday"