Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you're stumped on what to do for mom this year, maybe this list will help.

#5-Set Sail with Mom

My family took me on the Vista Brunch Cruise last year for Mother's Day. We had a delicious brunch (I had a free glass of champagne for being a mom!) and we got to take a beautiful Sunday afternoon cruise on my favorite lake in the world!  Although the beauty of Lake Superior can't compare to the beauty of Mom, she'll be thrilled to enjoy some time on the water with her loved ones.  I know I did!  After the brunch cruise, take a walk on the Lakewalk and play tourist!


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It's no big surprise that most women love to shop. And chances are, your mom or baby mama loves you. Why not combine two of her greatest loves and take her shopping?! I know that if my kids and husband told me that we were going shopping for Mother's Day, I'd have a grin from ear to ear. Speaking of ears, I could probably use a new pair of earrings...

Take a stroll Downtown or in Canal Park and check out the shops that you maybe don't frequent on a regular basis.  Let her know that you wanted to make sure she got the most perfect Mother's Day gift, something that she would really want, and let her pick something out!

Word of advice: Just make sure you don't send her off to Cub Foods and hand her a list. Not quite what I had in mind.

#3-Have Mom Get Lost

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Not really. It wouldn't be a great idea to lose mom on Mother's Day. Chances are she'd never let you forget it. Ever. But seriously, you won't get lost if you have a GPS. Why would you need a GPS you ask? Well, take mom out Geocaching! Geocaching is such a fun way to involve the whole family in a modern day treasure hunt. Instead of a map with a big red "X" to mark the spot, you have a GPS. Instead of a treasure, you usually find a variety of useless trinkets. But it's not about what you find, it's the adventure getting there!

A great way to get started is to check out You can search for geocaches near you --or maybe an area you'd like to discover. Then pick your level of difficulty, use the GPS coordinates and take off to find your treasure! When you find the, you can pick your souvenir, just make sure you leave one behind for the next person who comes to find it. It could be anything! Geocaching is free, fun, and anyone can do it. It's a great way to spend some time outside with your Mom, get a little fresh air, exercise, and look for treasure! For extra bonus points, hide a special Mother's Day gift for mom and hide it at one of the caches. Make sure you remember which one, so when you're out on your treasure hunt, she finds a real treasure...from you! Oh, and If you don't have a hand-held GPS, chances are you have one on your smartphone, or can download an app!

#2-Tell Mom to Take a Hike! Or a ride. Or a walk.

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Pattison Park, Jay Cooke State Park, the Lakewalk, Gooseberry Falls and the Munger Trail just to name a few. Some of the most wonderful memories I have are those of being with my family surrounded by the most beautiful scenery we are so lucky to have immediate access to. Whether on bikes, or walking, or checking out the waterfalls, you can always find a great time away from it all.  Pack a picnic lunch and bring your camera! We have amazing State Parks, trails, parks, lakes and rivers in every direction. Take advantage of them! And it's always a great chance to take some beautiful pictures that you'll treasure forever.

#1-Home Sweet Home

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One of the greatest things about Mother's Day is being waited on and pampered! First, start her Mother's Day the best way possible. The first thing she hears in the morning shouldn't be, "Mommy, will you wipe my butt?" Seriously, that's how I start almost every day. So let Mom sleep in. When she starts to stir, make sure she stays in bed! Bring her the paper and a cup of coffee while you prepare her eggs just the way she likes them and serve her breakfast in bed. (Oh, and if she hates crumbs as much as I do, lay a towel or blanket down or you'll be washing the sheets too.) After she's done, tell her that she needs to take a bath or shower, but get the bathroom ready first with candles, flowers, and maybe even her favorite CD. But don't rush her--moms know that the only real "alone time" we get is when we're in the bathroom with the door locked.

Happy Mother's Day!!