In 1988, I had no idea what the heck a "Buffalo Stance" was.  I figured it had something to do with buffalo, like the animal.  And how it stands.

But that's what I get for assuming.  I did a little research to find out what the heck Nenah was talking about...and I got this explanation from Wikipedia:

"An early version of the song appeared as the B-side on the 1986 Stock Aitken & Waterman produced single "Looking Good Diving" by duo Morgan-McVey, which was made up of Jamie Morgan and Cherry's future husband, Cameron McVey. The song, titled "Looking Good Diving with the Wild Bunch", was sung by Cherry. Cherry also appears in the video of the song, playing guitar.  The song title refers to Buffalo, a group of photographers, models, musicians, hair and makeup artists, etc. formed by fashion stylist Ray Petri, of whom Cherry, Morgan and McVey were all members. Such a "stance" would be to stand like a person or group of people are posing for a photo shoot in a London fashion magazine.  The song's name is also a reference to Malcolm McLaren's 1983 song "Buffalo Gals", which is sampled in "Buffalo Stance"."

Oh, I get it now.  Kind of.