For some teens around the world, the look of braces is a status symbol because of the high cost, so a new phenomenon has started "Fake Braces". Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse are the most popular right now.

Thankfully this phenom has not hit the U.S. yet, but is very popular in areas like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The problem is that some of these pieces tend to break off making people choke and some of these fake braces are made with lead causing other health complications.

Being someone who had braces back in 4'th grade, I did not think it was cool at all in fact I hated every minute of it. Food caught in them, certain things you could not eat and the worst getting them tightened.

Thankfully all our kids have dodged that experience and  have beautiful straight teeth. :) Now if we can just get them to brush their teeth at least once a day.