Looking for something different to do this Valentines Day with your Sweetheart? Well, If you live in New York City your romantic date could end up being pretty stinky!

The Department of Environmental Services in Brooklyn New York are bringing back a sewage treatment plant tour Called Newtown Creek, offering 3 tours in all, due to the massive demand. Some of the highlights include the plants giant egg shaped digsters which breakdown noxious gases and break it down into a stinky but harmless sludge.

I am all for thinking outside the box, but this is disgusting. Having recently dealt with our own sewer backing up in our basement I would not want to be in a sewage plant to get a million times more of the stink. I admit I do have some serious potty humor, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Since my sister lives in Manhattan I will be sure to e-mail her some info. on this and see if she will bring her husband on the tour.

Stay tuned If I can pull this off with an update! :) Check out the video below of the Blue Man Group taking a tour of the Newtown Sewage Plant.