Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

A mom in Aurora Colorado found a nasty note in her daughters lunch bag, letting her know that she needs to pack healthy meals for her child.

Their is no question that childhood obesity is at an all time high in this country, but I strongly disagree with a school monitoring what kids are bringing for lunch. This poor little girl who is in pre-school, was told she could not eat the cookies her mom packed in her lunch.

This is ridiculous, how is this little girl supposed to feel? Since her mom gave them to her they must be o,k, to eat, and shaming this poor little girl only makes matters worse. When our kids were younger it was a nightmare figuring out stuff for them to bring to school. We would always pack some type of healthy option knowing full well it was getting thrown away. So we went through route of having them buy lunch every day.

I believe every situation is different, If a child brings all unhealthy food every day, then that is cause for concern and should be dealt with the parent , not the child.