Everyone knows that occasionally even the best skiers and snowboarders will occasionally fall down, now how would you feel If the snow was made from former sewer water?

The Arizona Snowbowl just outside of Flagstaff has found a way to conserve water and provide a good base of snow for skiers and snowboarders, but it is a bit unorthodox. It is  100 percent recycled and treated waste water. Now this water has been treated and is safe, so safe that it is just below drinking water.

This way of making snow saves them over a million gallons of water per season. Now If you are not familiar with northern Arizona, they do get snow, but not like we do here obviously. According to reps. from the resort, they have not gotten to many complaints, but a few people were initially grossed out with the yellowish color to the snow when they first started making it.

I guess If you live in Arizona and want to ski it is a small price to pay, and it would be a good motivator to not fall.