After an incident yesterday left several Superior schools in a heightened state of security, several parents and community members, including myself, were asking the question if it was safe to have polling locations at a school?

It appears that Mayor Bruce Hagen has heard all of us, today City Clerk Terri Kalan released a statement about the incident, in it she says that "Mayor Hagen will be putting together a focus group comprised of City and School District officials, City Councilors and members of the community to review different options. The safety of our citizens and especially children will continue to be highest priority."

This is great news, we should ALWAYS put the safety of our children first and I applaud the efforts of Mayor Hagen and City Clerk Kalan for trying to get it right, even though I still don't think the situation was handled the best yesterday, they seem to be learning from any missteps and trying to correct it for the future.

By the way, Mayor Hagen won reelection yesterday beating Jim Paine with 64% of the vote. Less than 30% of Superior's eligible voters showed up to the polls yesterday, that is embarrassing. What can be done to increase voter turnout for Mayoral elections? I'm interested to hear if you have any ideas, please comment below if you do.

I congratulate the Mayor in his victory and I hope that he can continue to lead the city into the future and listen/interact with citizens on Facebook and other social media platforms, without deleting comments. Being more active and engaged on social media might also help get young voters interested in city politics and show up to the polls.