Little Girl Seriously Cannot Say Banana
Is this video adorable? Or is this kid just not even trying? We're going to stick with adorable, since Christmas wasn't too long ago. She can say apple, but this little girl can't say banana. At all. We'd like to hear her try some other fruits, because if any of them are as bad a…
Megan Fox Gets Surprised by a Dude in a Banana Suit on Ellen [VIDEO]
Megan Fox stopped by Ellen yesterday to promote hew new movie 'Friends With Kids', a comedy about two best friends who decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic.
Ellen asked Megan about any other jobs she's had in her life, Fox starts to tell Ellen about when she worke…
Lady GaGa Fan Sings His Heart Out, In His Kitchen
Not only does this kid actually have a really good voice, I love that A) He is using a banana for a microphone and B) he is in his kitchen. He has some real should try out for The Voice!! The jazz hands give it that added touch! BRA...
Kid in Banana Suit Attacks Gorilla Mascot in Ohio [VIDEO]
This certainly isn't the way nature intended it.
A teenager who may or may not still be wearing a banana suit is at large after an unprovoked assault on the gorilla mascot that a Verizon Wireless Center in Strongsville, Ohio employs to promote its store.