Pinterest: My Latest Addiction
Have you found it difficult to look at an old milk jug or a canning jar the same way you used to?  Do you frequently daydream about having a cocktail party so you can try out your amazing new drink recipes?  Has it crossed your mind that you should call in "sick" and conv…
Rihanna Is 2011′s Most ‘Liked’ Artist on Facebook
With a new hit album, a record-setting string of No. 1 singles, and a role in one of 2012′s big-budget blockbusters to her name, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of people like Rihanna. Now we know that a lot of people also ‘like’ her — on Facebook, th…
10 Things We Wish We Could Opt Out of on Facebook
Facebook may have changed the way we communicate, keep up with long lost friends and pretend that we're doing actual work in the office, but it has come at a great cost to privacy. Now the federal government is forcing the social networking giant to ask all 800 million of their users if they wi…
Facedrink Claims to Offer “Social Energy”
This seems a little silly. There is an energy drink made in California called "Facedrink" and it claims to give you "social energy," whatever that is. This social beverage claims to "provide you with the extra energy needed to be social or to deal with your boss" and bo…
How Many Friends Do You “Really” Have?
You may have a pretty long list of Facebook friends, (1,456 Friends, really?) but when it comes to close ones you confide in, it’s a very short list.
According to a study, Americans have two true friends. That’s down from 3 friends just 25 years ago.
Mom Is New To Facebook, Hilarity Ensues [VIDEO]
Photo courtesy of YouTube
I think most of us can relate to this video, my Mom could barely grasp the remote for the T.V. let alone a computer or the Internet. What a good son helping his Mom out, and I would  guess that it is a safe bet that she won't see this video.
Your New Facebook Profile Page: ‘Timeline’ Coming Soon [VIDEO]
Facebook is making a lot of people angry with their recent changes to the news feed and how you see status updates and shares from your friends, I'm not one of them.  I like the changes they are making and I think in the long run the haters will to.
If you think that was the last thing Facebook is ch…
Hate the New Facebook? Here’s How to go Back!
In can't help but notice my Facebook friends are up in arms about the new format of Facebook.  Yes, it's annoying, but we're supposed to adapt to change.  I guarantee that Facebook will change yet again before my lifetime is over.  But, if you're a creature of habit and really can't stand the new la…

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