Nasty Feet, No Worries You Need a Pedicure
(Photo by Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/Getty Images) 
I have always been pretty self conscious about my feet, they are huge and flat and my toes are kind of weird looking. But then, I think feet are gross including my own of course.
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Size 12!  But in their defense, these women who walk around with much larger-than-average feet are also taller than average.  And better looking than average as well. So maybe for their lack of petite feet they can make up for it by gracing magazine covers and the silver screen.  And …
Female Celebrities with the Biggest Feet–Size 10 1/2 [PHOTOS]
As long as I can remember, I've been self-conscious about the size of my feet.  I can't borrow shoes from friends, because they all have normal sized feet.  I had a friend in elementary school named Sarah.  Her older brother, Zach, always teased me when I went over to her house.  One zinger that I s…
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It may seem like the DJ's at Mix 108 have some sort of foot fetish with the recent stories about flip flops and ugly celebrity feet.  But we don't.  Promise.  Well, all of us with the exception of Tony Hart.
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