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Terrified Tuesday Film Review
For today's film choice, I picked a little gem from 1989 titled Intruder. It falls under your typical 1980's slasher film, but with a little twist. After viewing this movie, I can never walk into grocery stores the same way again.
‘Endless Love’ Review
Often felt in the hormone-fueled heydays of youth, first love can be a frenzy of overwhelming passion and dizzying lust. So of course it's a sensational jumping off point for drama. Add in a dash of deep parental disapproval, and you've got the stuff of Shakespeare. Sadly, while the new movie 'Endle…
‘The LEGO Movie’ Review
Few things scream "cash grab" as loudly as a movie about a popular children's toy, as these productions rely highly on the brand recognition of children and nostalgia of adults. Making a good movie inspired by pre-existing playthings is such a rare thing that it almost seems impossible. Th…
How Was ‘Thor: The Dark World’? [REVIEW]
We first came to know Thor back in 2011.  After being marooned on Earth and battling to protect what he has come to value, he returned to Asgard a changed man.  'Thor: The Dark World' is the sequel to the first Thor movie and occurs after 'The Avengers'.

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