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Best News Bloopers of 2012: The Ultimate Mashup [VIDEO]
Whether it's a reporter not realizing they're on camera, anchors making fools of themselves, or a weather person gone crazy; everyone loves a good news blooper. The past year has had its share of hilarious TV news moments, many of which we've shared through the year. Relive …
Bird Poops on Anchor During Live Broadcast [VIDEO]
Living in the Twin Ports we are all accustomed to the mess that the seagulls can leave on our cars and us sometimes. This anchorman got nailed by a bird who pooped on him during a broadcast after the San Fransisco Giants won the World Series.The bird must have been a Tigers Fan. :)
Justin Bieber Blooper During Newscast [VIDEO]
I'm always a big fan of news bloopers.
If something funny is said while live, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to regain composure and pull through.
Thankfully, these anchors didn't have to move on to a serious story.  They just moved to the end of the show...
TV Meteorologist Overuses Pop Culture References in Forecasts [VIDEO]
I tend to roll my eyes when a TV news anchor or weather personality tries to use some sort of pop culture reference within in their presentation, it usually flops and makes them look really uncool and dorky.
Well needless to say my eyes were rolled back in my head the entire length of this compilatio…
Anchorwoman Arachnophobia News Blooper [VIDEO]
For someone who has a severe fear of spiders, this is the ultimate prank that eventually leads into a great newscast blooper.
From a TV News station WRDW in Augusta, Georgia, a story about a spider on a shuttle cam (which is quite humorous in itself,) turns into a prank on the morning show anchors...

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