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Minnesota Among Top States For Online Dating Safety
With apps and websites like Tinder, Bumble and all becoming increasingly popular, online dating has become more of an option to people looking for their significant other. Where does Minnesota rank in safest states for online dating?
Looking For Love Online? You Better Quit Smoking
Smoking has never been less popular in our society than right now, between commercials, billboards, increased prices for a pack of cigarettes and restrictions  on where you can smoke in pretty much every state in the U.S. Now the dating scene:
5 Phrases You Should Never Use In Online Dating
For all of you still trying to recover form being single this past Valentines Day, online dating may for you. I am in a great relationship and have been for going on 7 years, but in my single days I never had the guts or really desire to take the plunge online. But,  If you feel so inclined our fri…
I Love Cats. Eharmony Video Bio [VIDEO]
Please tell me I am not the only person who hasn't seen this video.  I guess it's been proven to be a fake, but it's still funny.  But I can't help choking up a little when she does:
This one is SOOOO much better: