Kids Who Use Facebook Do Worse In School
For every generation, there will most likely be something that we as parents can blame for the decline in school performance.  My generation can blame the video game boom.  (It all started with my Atari...)  The generation before me, probably disco...
5 Unique Back to School List Items and Where to Buy Them in Duluth
It's back to school time and you can't go back with the same lame stuff that everyone else will have, be unique with your back to school selection this year. I took 5 of the most popular back to school items and went shopping all around Duluth to find the most unique items I could, here ar…
School Suspends Girl for Wishing bin Laden Killed Teacher
Going public with a desire to have the world's most wanted terrorist kill your math teacher will definitely add up to some serious trouble.
WMUR reports Rundlett Middle School, in Concord, New Hampshire, suspended a 13-year-old girl after she posted a message on her Facebook page saying she wish…
Chicago School Bans Brown-Bag Lunch
School lunch. A rite of passage for kids all over the globe. lunch.  My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it!  How I miss the days of Italian Dunkers.  When I was growning up, complaining about the turkey cubes in gravy with mashed potatoes, or praising the r…
Passive Agressive Therapy
We all have those days when we really wish we could tell someone EXACTLY what we think.
Whether it's work, school, or a spouse-sometimes you just have to bite your tongue.
Or you can blog, but be careful!