How Not to Kill a Spider [VIDEO]
We all have a fear of something even big burly guys like the one in this video. Sometimes these fears get the best of us and make us act irrationally.....example number 1, this guy in the video.
It’s National “Be Kind to Spiders” Week!
April 1 through April 7  is Be Kind to Spiders Week — Celebrate Spiders this week! Yipee!
This picture is  of Venezuelan Chef Nelson Mendez.  He shows a spider to camera before he cooks it on stage during a lecture on the third day of 'Madridfusion' International Gastro…
Anchorwoman Arachnophobia News Blooper [VIDEO]
For someone who has a severe fear of spiders, this is the ultimate prank that eventually leads into a great newscast blooper.
From a TV News station WRDW in Augusta, Georgia, a story about a spider on a shuttle cam (which is quite humorous in itself,) turns into a prank on the morning show anchors...
Man Jailed For Mailing Tarantulas
Snail mail isn't for everyone. According to The Los Angeles Times, a German man has been sentenced to six months in prison after he pleaded guilty to shipping nearly 250 tarantulas by mail to the United States.
A federal prosecutor said 37-year-old Sven Koppler, who must also pay a $4,000 fine, …