How Does Santa Deliver Presents? Newly Found Footage [VIDEO]
It never fails, children always ask how Santa delivers presents.  The go-to answer has of course always been:
'He lands on the roof with his magic reindeer and the magically transports himself down the chimney.'
Well if your child doesn't believe that, you can now show them the tru…
New Upcoming SyFy Horror Series Looks Good [VIDEO]
The SyFy channel has come out with some great programs in the last few years.  Most recently everyone knows about the ridiculousness of 'Sharknado'.  However, some of their other shows are becoming very mainstream, not just for the geeks/nerds of the world.
Their new series 'Helix' looks like it coul…
A Tribute To How Hearty We Are As Northerners [VIDEO]
The other day we had wind chills that rocked us way down to -40.  Many of our vehicles weren't even starting and schools were either let out early or given late starts because of the bitter cold.
If you have ever doubted how hearty and strong we are as a people, just check out this video fr…

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