Every morning when Taylor Swift wakes up, she opens the windows of her cottage, gives a little whistle, and all the woodland creatures fly in and help her get dressed. After she's let down her hair for new beau Harry Styles, they sing each other ballads before recreating scenes from 'Dirty Dancing.'

We're sorry, Patrick Swayze. We are so so sorry.

The photo of the couple was snapped after One Direction's Dec. 3 concert at Madison Square Garden and has since been making the rounds on the Twitters, as the kids call it.

The image has absolutely zero context other than Taylor Swift loves fabricating a perfect life for herself.

Earlier on in the evening, Swift was given an award by the Kennedy family so she could continue the illusion that she could have been American royalty. Shhhh, in her mind she's a princess, not a desperate clinger!

So what have we learned? Taylor Swift's life is basically just self-insertion Disney fan fiction and no one puts her in a corner. Unless he wants a song written about him and how terrible he is and how unfair his senior class curriculum is to her love life.