We've all fantasized about winning the lottery.  Some never play because they say they'll never win. Which is true.  You won't win if you don't play.  What if I told you that I have some tips that may help you increase your chances at becoming the recipient of the LARGEST MegaMillions Jackpot EVER? (540 million for tomorrow night's drawing!)

According to researcher Dr. Herman Gathrie, everyone has psychic abilities. Search out the details of your psychic dreams and you can turn yourself into a millionaire. Gathrie has researched psychic dreams for 12 years at his center in Detroit and has studied hundreds of lottery winners.

Here’s what Gathrie found:

-Nearly all the winners say they felt strongly compelled to play the numbers that ended up being winners for them, but they didn’t know what was forcing them to do it.

-They got the numbers from psychic dreams, and weren’t even aware of it.

So how do you do it? The good doctor says to:

-Concentrate on your wants and desires. This will activate your psychic dreams. Try to remember as many details as you can and write them down.

-Be patient when tuning into your psychic dreams. It may take several nights of recognizing new details before you see one you can use in the lottery or stock market.

In this case you have just over 24 hours to get your psychic abilities to help you out.  The drawing for the record-breaking jackpot happens tomorrow night.  So get to sleep, and pay attention!!